who is the audience
solo show @ La conserverie

La Conserverie, the place where I was suppose to show, collapsed this summer.I was there when it happened. I can say that I saw the physicality of the end of my project in the space, if this sentence makes any sense.
La conserverie is a old factory of metal cans that probably exists for at least 30 years but I have no clue when it was built. This is only speculation.
It’s located in the former industrial area of Marrakech and was abondonned for many years until its reactivation as a cultural friche few years ago. A place that hosts residences, cultural events and exhibitions.

In any way, I was there the day it happened. The collapse. With Lamia and Lina we went scouting what we call the hangar, take pictures of the space and list the things to be done before starting to build my installation. The Hangar is one of the 4 buildings of the site. Actually, there are five, because the central one is used as offices. The other ones are used as workshops and one art gallery.

We said hi to the workers and the guys from the workshop who were busy operating a complicated move to get the giant mecanical camel that has been built for the parade of Marrakech, out of the workshop.The camel is so big that it can't go out from the doorway.
For some reasons, the person responsible for the building site, gave the order to withdraw the metal beams that holds about 1000 sq/m or concrete ceinling to get this camel out of the house. Well... I guess they could have been other options, also the workers didn't seem very convinced by the idea but they had to do so.

We were inside the Hanger when we heard a big, lound explosion like sound. It took us few seconds to understand when running out of the hangar, what have just happened. A thick cloud of dust rose before our eyes after the ceilings of the two main buildings collapsed preventing us from seeing the scope of the damages.
Since it's the first time witnessing such a chaos, it took again few additional seconds to our brains to get the information, analyze it and send an order. Check on the guys that were inside the builing, call police, call ambulance, what's the emergency number ? panic ! No one is ready for that, not me, not that day.
So we start dialing every two digit numbers from 12 to 19. The 4or 5 workers were all fine, 2 injured, not seriously but under emotional chock.
There was a group of 4 chineese guys, probably responsible to make the giant mechanical camel work. As well chocked.
Us , chocked.
Everyone turning around in circles, not nowing what to do, who to call. 
Ambulance and police arrived after 40 minutes.
Conversation between them and the guy who's supposed to be the producer, a moment of total flowtting, hesitation, uncertainty.
The galerist arrived as well.I've  never seen that look of despair on someones face when he sees his galery under a mountain of rubbles. I don’t know what to say. Small chat... and we decide that we have to leave the place. We make sure we didn't forget anything behind us because we know we won't be able to access the place after that.
I think my show is cancelled. Of course, it’s cancelled !
No need to discuss that. In any case I have no contact person to talk to.I have no proper interlocutor to that project. Everything was set informally whith a handshake. I was excited, things can be so easy sometimes when you live and work in a country like this, until this happened and noone know how to handle it.
Who is responsible of such a mess in a system that tolerate mess as order.
Who is responsible for the loss, for the building, the galery, safety, and security of people that work there. 
We all are by accepting to live and work here. But there should be someone somewhere that said it’s ok to let people work in a non safe place. It’s ok to give power to a guy that risks other people’s lifes. It’s ok to tolerate corruption and non professional methods of work. He probably thought that the most important is the giant Camel making his way through the stunned crowd of marrakech, giving them a little piece of dream, a suspended moment of grace.